We understand that certain people have special needs for their health. Here at Ranch Market, we care about those needs and we strive to fulfill them.


We have special products for people with diabetes, hypertension, autism, et cetera. For example, we have sugar-free or low-sugar products for people with diabetes; salt-free or reduced-salt products for people with hypertension; gluten-free or wheat-free products for people with autism, and so on (soy-free, potato-free, lactose-free, nut-free products as well). You can come to Ranch Market and find the kind of diet that you need.




Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds

Containing antioxidants, flax seeds and chia seeds’ well-known functions are to avoid free radicals and to work as body’s supplements.


Flax seeds can be combined with cereals and bakery dough, while chia seeds are recommended to be combined with milk or liquid cereals. Chia seeds function well as breakfast menu as they have glutting effect, which helps to keep your weight.