PT Supra Boga Lestari Tbk (“the Company”) was established in 1997 and started its business in 1998 by opening the first store namely “Ranch Market”, under license agreement with Ranch Market USA. Later on, the Company made improvements and adjusted the concept to fit Indonesian market and lifestyle, and in 2010 the Company decided to terminate the aforementioned license agreement and acquired Ranch Market trademark to be used as the Company’s supermarket brand in Indonesia.



Since the establishment, the Company had positioned itself as specialty store with unique concept, targeting high end and mid high customer profile, and focused on uniqueness and quality of premium products. In line with the tagline “It’s a Balanced Life”, Ranch Market was developed not only to provide high quality products but also to create a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience through well-designed interior ambience which distinct itself from other supermarkets and excellence service by Ranch Market team members.


The Company continuously developed to cater a new market segment, therefore in 2007, the Company launched a new supermarket format namely “Farmers Market” cater to middle to up market segment. Fresh products and high quality products as well as service excellence to customers become the main focus of Farmers Market. Farmers Markets was developed with larger coverage and offers more local products. As the tagline “Fresh and Friendly”, Farmers Market commits to provide fresh and high quality products, both perishables and groceries, and service excellence to the customers.


In 2012, the Company offered 312.897.500 shares to public and listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange.


The Company operates 14 Ranch Market and 20 Farmers Market by the end of November 2017, located in Greater Jakarta, Cikarang, Surabaya, Malang, Samarinda and Balikpapan.