21 July 2022

Almost 1 in 10 People Fall Ill, After Eating Contaminated Food

Almost 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food. Children under 5 years of age carry 40% of the foodborne disease burden, with 125 000 deaths every year (source:WHO).


Access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances can cause more than 200 different diseases - ranging from diarrhea to cancers. Foodborne illnesses are usually infectious or toxic in nature and entering the body through contaminated food.


Following four simple steps at home—Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill—is one of the ways that can help protect you and your loved ones from food poisoning.


Clean: Wash your hands, surfaces and rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under running water.

Separate: Don’t cross-contaminate. Use separate cutting boards and storage.

Cook to the right temperature.

Chill: Refrigerate promptly.