Audit Committee Charter


The Charter has been made as guidance the work of the Audit Committee in carrying out its duties and responsibilities as an independent, objective, and independent supervisory duties in assisting the implementation of the Board of Commissioners, which is based on Regulation of Financial Services Authority No. 55 / POJK.04 / 2015 on the Establishment and Implementation Guidance of the Audit Committee.


Duties and Responsibilities and Authority

The Audit Committee has duties and responsibilities as follows:

  1. Reviewing the financial information that will be issued a Public Company to the public and / or authorities, among others, financial statements, projections, and other statements relating to the Company's financial information;
  2. Conduct a review of compliance with the legislation relating to the Company's activities;
  3. Provide independent opinion in the event of disagreements between management and accounting for services rendered;
  4. Provide recommendations to the Board on the appointment of accountants based on independence, the scope of the assignment, and compensation for services;
  5. Reviewing the implementation of audit by internal auditors and supervises the implementation of the follow-up by the Board of Directors on the findings of the internal auditor;
  6. Conduct a review of the implementation of risk management activities carried out by the Board of Directors;
  7. Examine complaints relating to the Company's accounting and financial reporting;
  8. Examine and provide advice to the Board in relation to the potential conflict of interest of the Company; and
  9. Maintain confidentiality of documents, data and information. 

The Audit Committee has the authority as follows:

  1. Access documents, data and information about the employees of public companies, funds, assets, and the Company resources required;
  2. Communicate directly with employees, including Directors and those who perform the function of internal audit, risk management, and accounting-related duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee;
  3. Involve independent outside members of the Audit Committee required to assist the implementation of the duties (if required); and
  4. Perform other powers granted by the Board of Commissioners.
Composition, Structure, Membership Requirements and Future Work

The composition and structures of the Committee are as follows:

  1. The Audit Committee consist of at least three (3) members from the Independent Commissioner and the parties outside the Company;
  2. The Audit Committee is chaired by an Independent Commissioner;

Terms of Membership and Terms of the Audit Committee are as follows:

  1. Required to have high integrity, ability, knowledge, experience in accordance with the field work, and able to communicate well;
  2. Required to understand financial reports, the company's business, particularly related to the Company's operations, the audit process, risk management, and legislation in the field of capital market and legislation related;
  3. Shall comply with the code of conduct established by the Audit Committee of the Company;
  4. Is willing to improve the competence continuously through education and training;
  5. Required to have at least one (1) member of the educational background and expertise in the field of accounting and finance;
  6. Is not a person in a public accounting firm, law firm, the Office of Public Appraisal Service or others who provide insurance services, non–insurance services, appraisal services and / or other consulting services to the company concerned within six (6) months.
  7. not the people who work or have the authority and responsibility for planning, directing, controlling or supervising the activities of the Company within 6 (six) months, unless the Independent Commissioner;
  8. Has no direct or indirect shares in the Company;
  9. In the case of members of the Audit Committee obtained public company shares either directly or indirectly as a result of a legal event, such shares shall be transferred to another party within a maximum period of 6 (six) months after obtaining the shares.
  10. Not affiliated with members of the Board of Commissioners, members of the Board of Directors, or majority shareholder of the Company; and
  11. Do not have a good business relationship, directly or indirectly related to our business.
Meetings of the Audit Committee
  1. The Audit Committee held regular meetings at least once in three (3) months.
  2. Audit Committee meeting is only held if attended by more than ½ (one half) the number of members.
  3. Audit Committee meetings decisions are taken based on consultation and consensus.
  4. Each meeting of the Audit Committee stated in the minutes of meetings, including if there are differences of opinion, which was signed by all members of the Audit Committee were present and submitted to the Board of Commissioners.
  1. The Audit Committee shall make a report to the Board on any given assignment.
  2. The Audit Committee shall make an annual report the activities of the Audit Committee were disclosed in the Company's Annual Report.
  3. The Company shall submit to the Financial Services Authority about the information the appointment and dismissal of the Audit Committee within a maximum period of two (2) working days after the appointment or dismissal.
  4. Information on the appointment and dismissal referred to in item 3 shall be published in the page (website) exchanges and / or page (website) of the Company.
The provisions on handling complaints or reporting in respect of alleged violations related to financial reporting.

The Audit Committee conducted a review of complaints or violations related to financial reporting and follow-up steps that have been taken with respect to such reporting.

Code of Audit Committee

Audit Committee members are committed to always be consistent between our thoughts, words and deeds are guided by conscience and belief in the principles of truth essentials.

In performing the duties of the Audit Committee Members:

  • Shall carry out its duties honestly, diligently, and responsible;
  • Are required to follow the law and make disclosures in accordance with legal regulations and profession;
  • Mandatory practice and encourage others to act in a professional manner;
  • Must respect and support the Company's vision and mission that has been set. 

Objective and Independent
Audit Committee a member provide fair and balanced assessment of all the relevant conditions and is not influenced by personal interests or other parties in delivering his opinion. In performing the duties of the Audit Committee Members:

  • Obliged to disclose all material facts that are owned, which, if not disclosed can blur the resulting reporting;
  • Must disclose if there is a relationship that could potentially affect the valuation firm and give rise to a conflict of interest;
  • Prohibited from accepting anything that can or could potentially affect professional judgment.

Audit Committee members continue to maintain the confidentiality of information that are considered confidential and secret Position in accordance with Company policies and applicable regulations. In performing its duties the Audit Committee Members:

  • Shall be prudent in using and maintaining the information obtained;
  • Not use the information for personal interests or other interests, unless there is a legal obligation or liability of the profession.

Audit Committee members using the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to perform their duties, responsibilities, and authority given. In performing its duties the Audit Committee Members:

  • Shall carry out the duties, responsibilities, and authority granted in accordance with their competence;
  • Shall maintain and enhance the knowledge and expertise on an ongoing basis.

Audit Committee Charter approved by the Board of Commissioners and will be updated every time there is a change regulation.