Company Culture And Code Ethics

The Company conducts code of ethics as a commitment to implement good corporate governance. The code of ethics is one of the keys to achieve the Company’s vision: to be “The most respected, loved and trusted in the supermarket industry in Indonesia.”


The Code of ethics and corporate culture refers to industry best practices and in line with norms and prevailing regulations in Indonesia. The Company’s code of ethics is meant for Boards of Commissioners and Board of Directors and employees of the Company. The Company’s code of ethics and culture are basically the discussion of protecting employee’s interest, safety, health, honoring business partners, as well as the protection of the interest of society and government.


The Company constantly conducts socialization and does monitoring to ensure Code of Ethics and Work Ethics really underlie the daily working attitudes and behaviors of the employees.


To ensure the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Work Ethics, including the procedures of the implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluations, the Company actively implements socializations and publications in every new employees orientations and trainings as well as every formal event held by the Company. Violation of any code of ethics may result in warnings until termination of employment.
The Company’s code of ethics are as followings:
Relationship with fellow employees and management

  • Leadership
  • Positive thinking
  • Optimistic
  • Coaching and counseling
  • One Firm concept
  • Be a role model
  • Respect and maintain good relationship between fellow
    Relationship between employees
    Relationship between fellow employees or colleagues
    Relationship with subordinates
    Relationship with superior
    Prohibition of harassment, discrimination and intimidation

Relationship with the Company

  • Working in professional manner
  • Using and taking care of Company’s assets
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Preventing conflicts of interest
  • Wearing neat and proper clothing (uniform) and Company’s attributes
  • Using proper corporate identity and maintaining the Company’s good image
  • Providing equal opportunity for employees to get a job, promotion and termination
  • Care for the health, safety and working environment

Relationship with customers

  • Commitment to provide service to customer
  • Food safety and maintain the quality of products
  • Sales and advertising of products

Relationship with suppliers and vendors

  • Evaluating procurement of products, supplies and equipment
  • Offering price information
  • Rebates / discount / commissions
  • Fair treatment to suppliers and vendors
  • Acceptance of sample products, gifts and sponsorship

Relationship with other stakeholders

Commitment to the environment and society

Corporate social responsibility
The Company ethical code is based on the following values of the Company:

Selling high quality food products

  • Passion for food
  • Quality standard

Satisfying the customers

  • Provide excellence services
  • Innovation
  • Nice ambience

Happiness and benefits of team members

  • Delegation in working
  • Self responsibility
  • Independent team
  • Open minded
  • Constant improvement

Creating prosperity through growth and profit

  • Service concept
  • Growth and profit

Code of ethics and corporate culture are guidelines for the employee to behave in accordance with vision and mission of the Company, of which includes values and corporate culture of the Company.