Controlled flavor and texture.

Due to its practicality, dairy & frozen food has been the most popular among customers. However, this product can carry bacteria so customers have to be extra careful in its consumption. Improper dairy & frozen food storage will lead to change in flavor and texture, which is dangerous for consumption.

Dairy & Frozen

That being said, we understand that dairy & frozen food is a necessity at home. So we have come up with the best product handling process to ensure premium quality up to the point when the product is delivered to the customers. During storage, we inspect the quality of the product regularly. We also frequently check the permit and registration number from the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) to ensure the quality and safety of our dairy & frozen food products.

Ranch Market’s current dairy & frozen food selection consists of fresh milk, cheese, yoghurt, frozen food, and ice cream. Every one of these is sourced from suppliers of different scales, from home industries to large-scale domestic and international suppliers.