High-quality products made affordable.

As part of its continuous service improvement, Ranch Market comes up with new innovative ideas for the customers every day. One of such idea is our private label, a series of brands under PT. Supra Boga Lestari distributed to all stores of PT. Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk. 

Setting the highest quality and affordability as priority, available private label products include Food, Non-Food, and General Utensils and Accessories. Our private label brands include Day2Day and Nava.  

Private Label

Food quality and safety are our priorities in establishing the supply chain for our private label products. To that end, every product is heavily curated internally, starting from raw material comparison, production process, product attribute assessment, and distribution permit application to packaging. We also maintain product quality through collaboration with trusted producers and distributors that consist of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) up to leading local and international companies.

Private Label

Nava Eggs (Nava Telur Ayam Kampung Organik) has been certified organic, and in its production is cage-free and all-natural.
  • Cage-free:
    In its production, the chickens that lay Nava eggs do not use battery cages. The chickens are left to roam the area in a cage-free environment, which gives them the space to nest and lay eggs naturally. These eggs are collected by hand which does not hurt the chickens.
  • All natural feed:
    The chickens' feed are all natural: they are given fresh vegetables and traditional jamu made from turmeric and curcuma to eat, without any artificial hormones nor other chemicals. This keeps our eggs healthy and free from any additional, synthetic chemicals.